Vermont Watercolor   

I was born and raised in Vermont and now live with my husband in a house dating back to 1790 once named the Jacob Perkins House.  In 1835 Jacob bought the house and 4 acres and 11 rods for $160.00.  When Jacob made his will in 1844, his holdings had increased to 18 acres, a barn, a white cow, 90 sap buckets and the furniture his second wife, Clarissa, had brought into the marriage and those things they had bought together.  South of the house is a flat piece of ground once used as a practice area for local militia.  My husband found a cannon shot which is 2" in diameter in the foundation of our house.  My twin, the realtor, sold me the house in 1991 and my husband has turned a drafty old house into a less drafty old house.  No cow, no sap buckets, back to 3 acres, the barn, and the furniture I brought into the marriage and those things we've bought together. 

Home Sweet Home.



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